Teddy Bear Blog – my 1st post

purple teddy bear
Welcome to Purplebear’s Teddy Bears. Thought I’d start by sharing a picture of one of my favorite purple teddy bears with you. You’ll get to see lots more as this blog continues to grow. I’m pretty new to this blog stuff, so you’ll have to bear with me a little.

In future posts I’ll be featuring teddy bears you can purchase, teddy bear books (some written by friends of mine), teddy bear theme checks, teddy bear jewelry, other products with a teddy bear theme and some other teddy bear gifts.

I’ll also be including some ideas on how to include your bears in holiday decorating. My teddy bears are always part of the holidays.

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2 Responses to Teddy Bear Blog – my 1st post

  1. Lindsay says:

    I was wondering what the name of this purple bear that is on this page. Need to find one to buy.

    • purplebear says:

      Hi Lindsay
      I’m the same person you had contacted previously regarding this particular bear. You had seen it on one of my other sites. I’m very sorry you haven’t been able to find it anywhere. The bear is no longer being made. If I find that it becomes available anywhere I will definitely let you know.

      Kathy (Purplebear)

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