Lost stuffed toy dog named Winston

A friend of mine and her husband have lost a very special stuffed toy dog named Winston. Actually, his full name is Winston von Bark. They and many of their friends are very sad that he has gone missing. If you’re the person who found him please be aware that there is a $1000 reward being offered for his safe return. Here are the details:

Around 2pm Saturday, September 28, 2013 on the corner of Governor Nicholls and French Market Place in the French Quarter area of New Orleans they believe he was picked up by a male that may have been part of a tourist group.

Winston is about 11 inches tall and a brown stuffed toy dog. He was wearing a black t-shirt with “Ibiza Rocks” on the back of it, red and blue plaid shorts with yellow waistband and has a red collar. You’ll also notice several pins on his shirt. Definitely believe you would notice Winston if you’ve seen him. Probably not a whole lot of other stuffed animals dressed as he is.

Winston is very much loved and really missed an awful lot by his family and friends. He’s been with Lindsey and Stuart through all the good times and very much a comfort to them through the bad. Please share this information to help find him.

Lost stuffed toy dog named Winston

More info:
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Contact: 601-810-7401
lindsey.birch@yahoo.com or winston@goldfish.id.au
Twitter: @lindseybirch1

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