Merry Christmas from Purplebear

I’d like to wish all of my teddy bear friends, other fluffy friends and human friends a very Merry Christmas! Hope Santa brought you all kinds of goodies and you’ve been able to enjoy this holiday time with family and friends. Thought I’d share with you a few photos of my Christmas tree decorated with bears and some of my other Christmas decorations.

Christmas tree decorated with bears all lit up
You can’t see them very well but going up the stairs are the M&M guy lights. If you’re a bear in my house, you get decorated for Christmas. Those you see on the steps have red velvet bows on them. Others throughout the house are wearing those same bows and a few have red felt hats with little cotton balls on the end I made for them. I’ve decorated the Christmas tree with quite a few of the smaller bears. There’s quite a few teddy bear ornaments people have made as presents for me or bought and given to me, too.

Closer photo of Christmas tree decorated with bears

Closer photo of Christmas tree decorated with bears all lit up

Christmas village I made with teddy bears skiing with Teddy Graham Bears from Nabisco

I couldn’t afford to buy a Christmas village so one year I decided to make my own. The farm houses and church are made with craft sticks and then I painted them. Town’s people are clothespins with felt and material for their clothes. Hair is just yarn. Also included are a few pieces of a village my Nanna had. When I was little we called the people the “Sittin around doin nothin people.” You can’t really see them too well but I have two lil Teddy Graham Bears that are skiing (for my friends outside of the US, these are lil cookies made by Nabisco in the shape of bears. I just glued pieces of toothpicks for their skis and ski poles. If you’d like to see a photo of my plush Teddy Graham bears they’re included in a teddy bear photo gallery of some of my bears on my web site.


Above is my lil collection of angel ornaments. My Mom bought a few for herself one year and gave me a few. When she passed away I adopted her angels. Ok, I don’t want to hear any giggling. Below are “The Pinecone People and Reindeer” My Mom had seen them in a magazine and enlisted me to make them with her. They also got adopted. You can tell which are mine since they’re the cutest. Ok, cute might be a bit of a stretch but they kinda grow on you.

Pinecone people and reindeer

I’d like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year! Hope it’s filled with good health, happiness, love, prosperity and all the other good things in life.

Kathy's Christmas bear and mouse


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38 Responses to Merry Christmas from Purplebear

  1. Barnaby B Ayre says:

    I luffs dem lickle pine cowne peepuls n animuls. I finks dey magniffisun! Yoos very cleffa Kathy. Fanks fur sharin dese wif us! Luff oo x

    • I’m very happy you enjoyed the Pinecone people and animals Barnaby 🙂 They really weren’t hard to make at all. All that was needed were pine cones, pipe cleaners, wooden beads, those lil wiggly eyes, yarn, felt and cotton balls. Oh and glue. That was all. I loved sharing them with you. Love you, too xx

  2. Donna H says:

    Kathy, they are all wonderful. I adore your tree :~) I wish we had room in our house for a decent sized tree. Those pine cone people are something else – I am laughing but because they are so original and cute. I’d never have the creativeness to even think about doing something like that :~)

    • Thank you very much Donna 🙂 The tree probably looks a bit bigger in the photo. I live in a fairly small house. The tree’s actually quite old and would have big gaps if it weren’t for the bears filling them in. lol 🙂 Don’t mind you laughing at all. Makes me happy they give somebody a lil giggle. 🙂 Am sure you could make them, too. 🙂

  3. Betsy Brown says:

    Kathy.. I love your Christmas treasures.. especially your homemade village and village people. Our own creations make Christmas more magical year after year. Thanks for being our friend. We love you, sweet lady!

    Betsy Brown and Sweet Georgia (from the Rainbow Bridge)

    • Am so glad you enjoyed looking at my photos Betsy. 🙂 I agree with you. Majority of my Christmas decorations have either been made for me or purchased and given to me by loved ones. A whole lotta special memories. Thank you for being my friend and love both you and Sweet Georgia, too. xx

  4. Lou says:

    Wow…..Beautiful!!! Pawsome!!!
    Thanks for sharing! :o)
    Happy new year!

  5. jeanne babin says:

    Aw, Kathy, better late than never! Thanks for sharing your wonderful Christmas treasures. They’re “beary” beautiful…..

    Love, Jeanne

  6. flicka47 says:

    Oh I loved them all!! Sending you wishes for a wonderful New Year!

  7. roberta obrien says:

    wow those are soo nice..thanks for sharen em..hope u had a great christmas..happy new years… an hope new year brings u many new things..

  8. Ploofer Meehz says:

    Deez arse wunnerfulz piczz.. Reelyzz enjoyedzz lookinz at emzzz… <3
    PS: our treez haz muchoz stuffz like yourz treezzz…teehee

  9. Ted Don Bear says:

    *sheds ‘ickle tear for bears hanging from the crimbo tree and hopes they’ve gone to bear heaven*

    • Awwh Ted Don Bear it may look that way but none of the bears were harmed. They’re all taken very good care of and enjoy being able to be on the tree each year. They’re hung by lil ribbons so nothing hurts them. 🙂

  10. Teagan says:

    I love your tree with all the bears!! It’s gorgeous! Not quite so sure about the angels (my granny used to have a thing about cherubs) but we like the pinecone people a lot! Happy New Year xx

  11. Linda Merrick says:

    Thanks for the great pics! You are very talented!! Love the pine cone people too!! The angels are pretty my mom collects them too. All the teddy bears everywhere are darling!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Topsy and Abby says:

    Your photos are so calming and beautiful. Thanks for sharing them, and it was much appreciated even though Christmas is drawing it’s curtains for this year. Our Swiss tradition is to take them down after midnight tonight. Maybe ours will hang till tomorrow though. :-))

    • Thank you very much Topsy and Abby 🙂 I was happy to share them with you. I think everybody has their own traditions in this country. lol 🙂 Some people take their trees down on New Year’s Day, some a lil while later and others not for quite some time. It’s nice while everything is still up.

  13. MedusaJ & Rosie Posie-Tom (Marie) says:

    Fabulous decorations Kathy….they look amazing, LOVE the pine cone figures.
    Gorgeous staircase BTW 🙂

    Wishing you and yours : health & happiness for 2011

  14. huntyr says:

    I love seeing peoples decorations and nice houses.
    I do not decorate at all anymore, even tho I have boxes and boxes
    of decorations 🙁
    I dont really have a reason not to, but I dont have a reason to either.
    You did a wonderful job!!

  15. Tracey says:

    Hi Kathy Hope 2011 finds you well. Hope your nearest and dearest are in better health too. I love your cherished Christmas trimmings they are so sweet. I have some oddments from when my children were small but nothing from my childhood.The best is a knitted nativity set 3 kings , sheep, shepherds , mary with baby jesus, joseph they needed a wash so i put them in the washing machine. Disaster josephs arm came unravelled some hasty repairs ensued. I must get a photo of them not this year tho they are already put away.
    All the best


  16. jazzydacat says:

    Hi Kathy

    Everything is just gorgeous and so like our tree. I have bears on it too!! And mice!! And a wonderful koala which PepiSmartDog sent me!!


    • Hi Jazzydacat:) Oooh, I’m going to have to take a look at your tree photos, too. Hee, hee about you having mice. I have several mice, too. May not be able to see them, though. I think mice are cute lil fellas. 🙂 Awwwh, that was very nice of PepiSmartDog to have sent you the koala bear. LUL too xxxx

  17. Kim Schulze says:

    You are so talented. I love your tree!

  18. henryandfriends says:

    they is al bewtiful an cos yoo did mayk lots of them it dus mayk crissmus eevun mor speshul i fink. we al wishis yoo a verry appy an peesful new yeer

  19. Bad Andy says:

    That’s so pretty! An adorable beary tree! Hope you had a nice holiday season & best to you in 2011, too!

    I miss you, Purplebear! Thank you for visiting my blog & especially for your good wishes for me & family. BIG HUGS XoXoX

    • Thank you very much Bad Andy. Hope you had a nice holiday and best to you in 2011, too. 🙂 I miss you, too. I’m going to try to make more time to spend on Twitter so I can catch up with you and all my other friends. Have missed all of you very much. Was happy to visit your blog 🙂 BIG HUGS to you, too. xoxoxo

  20. Sheila odom says:

    Kathy your christmas tree & decorations are beautiful !!!

    • purplebear says:

      Thank you very much Sheila:) My husband teases me that you can’t see much of the tree and all the decorations hide the bald spots of the tree. lol:) Is the original we’ve had since we first met and gets less and less green each year. lol:) Thank you for taking the time to look at the photos:)

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