Teddy bear books – The Bears of Porthors

The Bears of Porthors is a series of teddy bear books set in Porthors, a fictitious little fishing village on the south coast of Cornwall, UK. Porthors is Cornish for Port of Bears. Teddy bears live amongst humans and are part of everyday life. Teddy bear photographer and writer Dale Reardon of “Bears on location” writes with passion about his bears, their daily lives and adventures in Porthors. Bringing them to life creating a world of bears and people just beyond the reality of their own lives. Dale also has taken his photographic images of the bears, turning them into pen drawings which brings the books to life and tells a story all of their own. Book one – Alfie Finds Treasure and book two – Day Trip. These teddy bear books are filled with full color illustrations of the bears and they’re great for either young children or teddy bear lovers of any age.

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